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Perks US

200 River Market Ave. Suite 500 Little Rock, AR 72201

Perks Europe

Perks (Europe) Ltd, The Pinnacle 160 Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes, MK9 1FF


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See How Perks Helped One Client Increase Overall Employee Satisfaction Levels by 25% in our Latest Case Study: Hunter Warfield Amped Up Engagement.

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Find out why industry leaders trust Perks with their Enterprise Engagement solutions.

Foster Health & Wellness

In a study of 1,121 Health and Wellness program participants, participants stated that as a result of the program:

Incite Panelist Engagement

In a global 2011 survey from a current client, Perks’ Research Reward Program rated nearly 90% in overall satisfaction of ease in ordering and receiving global rewards.

Nurture Innovation & Collaboration

Engaged employees buy into business objectives, have a higher level of participation in meetings and collaborate more.

Inspire Passion & Loyalty

Engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. They drive innovation and move the organization forward.

Engage your Partners

Increasing engagement and loyalty improves the results of your Sales and Channel programs.

Communications Plans and Your Incentive Program

Corporate communication plans… What is your company’s plan for the year?  Are your corporate goals clearly known to everyone within?   Does everyone realize what is really important from the top down?  Is there a risk of things being lost in translation or open for interruption?   If you are hesitating to answer any of those questions, then please read on!  If you want to truly engagement everyone, you must make certain your new goals are understood from the start.

Comm_registeredFor example, are you are looking to do more, than simply sell more this year?  Maybe you want to build more of a team concept in your corporate structure?  Then within your recognition program you should emphasize the peer to peer recognition element.   Or maybe you want to build on your channel partner sales department?  Then you should consider adding on to your sales incentive program to incorporate your channel teams.  Do you want to lower your ever growing insurance costs?  Then consider creating a Health and Wellness program for you everyone and make it fun for the participants.

Whatever your new corporate strategy is for the New Year, make sure you communicate this appropriately to everyone for the highest level of engagement.  The greatest strategy or plans are nothing without proper execution, so communicate, communicate, communicate!

What are the best communication elements you have used, in your engagement programs?  Tell us.

Engage. Recognize. Reward.

Achieve greater business success, increase participant engagement and drive sustained behavioral change.

Perks Products, Services and Rewards modules are designed to provide the flexibility needed to easily tailor incentive-based programs to your business requirements.  Dashboards and reporting let you know what’s working and what’s not, so you can adjust instantly. With a suite of online tools, you can monitor trends across cubicles or across countries, then communicate with your staff in real-time to optimize motivation and results.

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