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2013 Goals and Expectations

Posted January 1, 2013 by deb in Employee Engagement, Incentives & Rewards

Jeff Ford, Perks Chief Executive Officer

It’s that time year again, when everyone starts thinking about goals and expectations, personally, and in their professional life.  You begin to question yourself, did I:

  • do the right thing?
  • take my company or team down the right path?
  • were the goals clear, to not only me but to everyone else?
  • get the return I expected?
  • would I do it again or do it differently?

If you can’t answer yes to those questions, maybe you should think about this approach for 2013?  Include your workforce more in your company’s overall strategies.  Making internal communications a higher priority will spur employee engagement, which can lead to increased  profit.

In the book The Progress Principle, by Teresa Amibile, she believes you need to enable “the ongoing engagement and everyday progress of the people in the trenches of your organization who strive to execute that strategy.  Otherwise you are undermining creativity, productivity and thus motivation in ways that hamper profitability.”

People like to feel included, worthy and heard.  When you begin engaging your workforce into the company’s goals and strategy from the start, they will be more motivated and more likely to perform.  Now, don’t forget to reward your teams for their efforts when meeting those goals and I am not just talking about a year-end recognition.  This is about a year round, well designed and executed, incentive program that keeps your workplace involved, loyal, feeling empowered, creativity and part of your successes.

Tell me which recent incentive program has worked best for you?

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