Sales Incentives

Activity-driven sales incentives

The buyers journey has changed the sales process. Have your sales incentive programs kept pace? Accelerate sales and reverse flat sales performance by investing in sales performance programs that integrate onboarding, education, rewards and retention. Find out how.

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Increasing sales engagement through the smart use of incentive programs helps you achieve your goals and improves the business results of your organization. Start by understanding what motivates your sales teams, then build your sales incentive programs to reinforce and increase your business’ ROI. Perks industry experience and trusted incentive program services give your business the edge it needs regarding sales and partner recognition ideas. We can plan and deploy your Sales Incentive programs and you will be the visionary leader with the resources to get it done.

Sales incentive programs increase performance

ROI Driven Incentive Programs

Perks can help you develop a game plan to design, launch, and support a ROI driven incentive program that will not only motivate your participants to consistently surpass their sales goals, but also help teach them how to be successful. Well-designed sales incentive programs should be simple enough to engage your entire audience, yet flexible enough to offer promotions that increase engagement across your entire sales organization, not just your top performers. Let us get you Perked Up with a mix of services, web-based tools, communication strategies, and well-designed promotions to deliver solutions that will help:

  • Drive sales in verticals, regions, products or product lines
  • Improve employee retention rates
  • Grow sales engagement and loyalty
  • Increase incrementally to lift your middle 60%
  • Communicate sales initiatives and incentives to drive product/solution sales
  • Accelerate onboarding of new team members
  • Improve gross profit

Create an Appetite for Success

Listen up. Your sales people are the foundation to your business’ success. Do you know what makes them tick? What are they hungry for? Here’s a clue. Sales people are motivated by a little healthy competition, and most sales reps exemplify the very definition of ambitious nature. Why not take this psychological cue and use it to your advantage, all while rewarding your valued employees? Perks Sales Incentive Programs drive engagement by boosting employee motivation to achieve performance goals.

Perks process and support enables our clients to FOCUS on the Right things and reward for key activates, improvements and results assuring accelerated RESULT$”

Best-in-Class Sales Engagement


67% of Best-in-Class organizations have a formal recognition program in place.

Aberdeen Group, March 2014


31% of Best in Class firms consider non cash incentives crucial to sales performance management.

Aberdeen Group, March 2014


Best-in-Class firms are 13% more likely to indicate high use of social, collaborative incentives to motivate sales teams.

Aberdeen Group, March 2014

What distinguishes these programs is their ability to embed recognition in the company culture by empowering every employee to recognize great performance, embracing innovative technology, and consistently evaluating these efforts across the organization.