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Health and Wellness Incentive Programs in the News

Posted January 1, 2013 by deb in Industry News & Trends

December 2014

On the Job: Companies are Embracing Wellness Programs
OC Register
If employees are healthy, they miss less work, which affects productivity. Healthy employees also are usually happy and more inclined to stay…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

September 2014

Is The EEOC Off The Rails With This New “Wellness” Lawsuit? Don’t Think So. 
JD Supra (press release)
The lawsuit contends that the program’s health risk assessment is an unlawful “medical examination” and that the company retaliated against Ms…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

August 2014

4 signs wellness programs are here to stay
Wellness programs aren’t just a fad that employers and insurers are … The most popular incentives were contributing money to employees’ health …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Reach and influence: Why corporate wellness programs really do work
MedCity News
Workplace wellness programs are our biggest hope for fixing our nationalhealthcare crisis because they have a unique power to shift employee …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Don’t Get Busted with ‘Guilty’ Incentive Based Wellness Programs 
Employers who leverage wellness programs want to make their staff healthier to save on health care costs, and top talent pays attention to benefits …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Wellness plan saving county money 
Kenosha News
A wellness plan for employees is saving Kenosha County close to … tied to improving their health, but also educational programs, such as for healthy … “There seems to be evidence to support the wellness program is having its …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Successful wellness plans focus on motivators, secure leadership support 
Yes, offering gift cards or discounts on health coverage serves as a good first … or improved their health through involvement in the wellness program…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Study critical of wellness ROI results
The five-author study, published in the American Journal of Health … design are important determinants” of the estimated ROI of wellness programs…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

June 2014

Are You Getting the Most From Your Employee Wellness Program?
Daily American Online
Whether your company has an employee wellness program or has only done a “Biggest Loser” challenge, health in the workplace is a big topic…Link to complete article  (opens in new window)

Health programs may lower costs, benefit workers
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Wellness programs took hold as a way to help control the cost of health benefits — particularly given the connection between sedentary lifestyles and …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

The Secret Wellness Motivator: Friends & Family
Employee Benefit News
Most traditional wellness programs dangle carrots, but can’t really move the … We’ve uncovered the secret motivator that leads to sustained healthy …Link to complete article (opens in new window)
“As CFOs and HR leadership take a closer look at wellness program results, outcomes-based approaches that tie dollars to employee health …Link to complete article (opens in new window)
An inside look at wellness program strategies

With the impact of health care reform still evolving, employers are taking a fresh look at their strategies for keeping employees healthy and productive…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

April 2014

Six simple steps to a thriving workforce
iMedia Connection (blog)
Employer-provided wellness programs often fail because they do not … Here are six simple steps to increase the health and wellness of your staff and …Link to complete blog (opens in new window)

Employers Challenged by Employee Engagement, Outcomes-based Health Incentives, and Price …
More than half mentioned the challenge of creating outcomes-based wellness incentives, meaning they would like to reward measurable health …Link to Press Release (opens in new window)

Well, Well, Wellness: An Introduction to Incentivized Healthcare Programs
1to1 Media
With healthcare reform now in place, companies have begun to offer wellness programs to not only promote healthy living, but also maximize …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Easy, low-cost wellness ideas
Wellness programs can help businesses reduce health care costs and improve their bottom line, but you don’t need a Fortune 500 budget to take a …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

March 2014

Survey: Companies Are Spending More on Employee Wellness
Business Administration Information
Corporate Wellness Programs Keeping employees healthy can have a positive impact on culture and lead to cost savings, according to a new study …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Pros and Cons of Using Fitness Trackers for Employee Wellness 
Employee wellness programs are the norm today. … With the increased awareness of health risks, the low costs of many wearable trackers, the desire ..Link to complete article (opens in new window)

What Great Corporate Wellness Programs Do (blog)
Johnson & Johnson, which has one of the longest-standing wellness programs in the country, understands that people don’t strive to get healthy …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

CVS Sued Over Controversial Wellness Program 
Huffington Post
CVS’ so-called “wellness review,” first reported last year, is a fairly extreme example of a trend of companies looking to cut health-care costs by …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Tips for using wellness champions to motivate employees 
Employee Benefit News
Experts recommend having wellness champions share healthy messages during … They also can add a level of trust for an initiative and incentive…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Wellness programs: well-intentioned or intrusive? 
Cornell Chronicle
Regulations on incentives, not yet tested in the courts, went into effect in … gift cards, reduced health insurance premiums or fitness center discounts…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

February 2014

What’s next for workplace wellness?
Workplace wellness programs have sprouted up with a vengeance in the last …”Given where health-care costs have really risen to it’s, ‘I need to get …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Employers offer incentives to encourage a healthy workplace 
Gainesville Times
In a growing effort to combat obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other “lifestyle diseases,” more workplaces are offering wellness programs to promote …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Healthy employees = healthy bottom lines 

Marietta Daily Journal
Wellness programs not only improve an individual’s short-term and … Smoking cessation, exercise and healthy eating are the best areas to start your …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

January 2014

Do wellness programs really save companies money? 
Fortune – Since about 60% of U.S. companies now offer some kind of wellness … the tune of $3 in healthcare cost savings, and another $3 in reduced expenses Link to complete article (opens in new window)

The Bottom Line of Wellness at Work 
Montpelier Bridge
A healthy employee makes a healthy business. Businesses save about two dollars for every one dollar invested in wellness programs, says the …Link to complete article (opens in new window)

The Impact of Wellness Programs on Health Care Costs
Live Insurance News
But will these incentives actually work? Will wellness programs positively impact overall healthcare costs? Or will the costs of healthcare be shifted Link to complete article (opens in new window)

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